Martial Guncraft


Martial Arts are studied and practiced for many reasons; sport, fitness, culture, spirituality and self defense. Firearms should be included in the modern day personal protection aspect of Martial Arts training. This program allows Martial artists and Instructors to study with a qualified firearms instructors and learn the basic set of good marksmanship, gun handling and tactical skills, Practice will allow to imprint those skills into your subconscious and into your muscle memory before even going to the range. Specific skills learned to include drawing, shooting, retaining and disarming of handguns. Handgun safety, operation and shooting fundamentals are essential for the modern day martial artist. To learn how to defeat the weapon in the hands of a criminal you must know how the weapon works. Add the fundamentals of the handgun to your martial skill set. 

No live fire is required and there are no real firearms used in the class. We use the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol and L.A.S.R. Laser Activated Shot Reporter. Dry Fire Lacks the recoil of real firearms but allows for practicing all the fundamentals of gunfighting.